Super Bowl Persuasive Speech

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The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sports games in America therefore , it should be moved to Saturday. Too many people stay up late watching the game and don't want to go to work or school the next day. You might have a child that is a huge football fan that will be too tired to go to school. It is not healthy for kids that are about 8-11 to get less than 9-11 hours of sleep every day. Babies need to have 18-20 hours of sleep and the rest of the time is spent resting. If you lose a bet or your favorite team loses, you might not be happy and just want to stay home the next day instead of school. There are many bets made on the Super Bowl, so don't be the one who goes all out and loses! You might lose a bet and be so depressed that you don't want to go to work or school. Some people might get too overconfident and bet over $1,000 just to lose it all to a bet.…show more content…
If something good happened and you have a loud reaction you might wake up a child. Some babies are have very keen hearing and could get their ear permanently injured. If your favorite team is down by 2 points and they hit a game-winning field goal you might scream. Too many people in America lose either money or sleep. Some people might be depressed and just want to relax or sleep the day after the Super Bowl. This is why the Super Bowl should be moved to
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