Super Boy Syndrome

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Super male syndrome Nick Robbertse 47, XYY syndrome is characterized by an extra copy of the Y chromosome in each of a male’s cell. Although males with this XYY syndrome may be taller than the average man, Most males with 47, XYY syndrome have normal sexual development and are allegeable to father children. XYY syndrome has increased risk of learning disabilities and delayed development of speech and other language skills. Delayed development of motor skills such as sitting and walking and also weak muscle tone, hand tremors or other involuntary movements, and behavioural and emotional difficulties are also potential. A very small percentage of males with XYY syndrome are usually diagnosed with…show more content…
The XYY Syndrome cannot be cured at any time soon, but treatments can help reduce symptoms and the effects caused by it, especially if it is discovered and diagnosed early. Patients may be able work with health care providers to address any symptoms they may have, such as speech problems and disabilities, hormonal imbalances, and learning problems. The following treatment options may be used to address some of the effects of XYY Syndrome: Medications: Testosterone replacement therapy. Males who do not produce adequate testosterone may need hormone replacement therapy as they grow older with age. Hormone therapy can help teenage boys undergo a normal puberty. It can also help older men improve their sexual drive and energy levels, or increase bone dominance or/strength and improve muscle mass. This therapy is typically given as a injection, but some patients may be able to use a rub-on gel as well, Fertility treatment. Men with XYY Syndrome may have low sperm counts and difficulties conceiving a…show more content…
They may also want a total testosterone test, too. Both tests analyse blood and urine samples to see if a man’s testosterone levels are low, a possible indication that he has a problem. If the testosterone levels are low, your doctor may want additional tests to determine the causes of XYY syndrome. Chromosome analysis: Genetic disorders, such as 47, XYY Syndrome, can be diagnosed with a chromosome analysis. If a doctor is unable to find an explanation for symptoms that may indicate XYY Syndrome, you may have to undergo a chromosome analysis to check for XYY Syndrome. Men with XYY syndromes can and very often do live completely normal lives with the conditions without trouble. XYY syndrome can remain undiagnosed throughout a man’s life time. If it is diagnosed the individuals with this syndrome can find the help they need from health care or therapist. References: • XYY Syndrome | Definition and Patient Education. 2015. XYY Syndrome | Definition and Patient Education. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 26 August

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