Super Delegate In The Democratic Party

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For the Democratic party, the super delegate is usually a high ranking individual such as a senator, speaker of the house (if he/she is a Democrat), minority leader (if he/she is a Democrat), past president, etc. From my understanding, super delegates are allowed to vote for anybody at the convention, it doesn’t matter what the people in the primary voted, the super delegate can vote anyway they like. For this reason, I oppose the concept of super delegates in our presidential primary process because it puts too much power in the hands of a few individuals vs. the actual voice of the people and it allows for too much corruption. In a general election, you and I vote for president from the ballot we are given and the candidate we desire, but…show more content…
The democrats have stayed with this system more so than the republicans because Nixon and Reagan buried their democrat rivals in the general elections and won by landslides so, they decided that when they have a candidate that they know will not stand up well against the rival party, that they have the ability to impact who gets nominated and possibly field a more successful candidate. If I would have been asked this question prior to this election, I probably would have said “Get rid of the superdelgates,” but now I’m not 100% sure. With a candidate like Trump, you see that he has a great voter following, more than anyone thought would ever take him seriously. Imagine if the Democratic Party had a candidate like Trump (some see Bernie Sanders as a “grassroots activist” in the Democratic Party although Bernie is not emotionally and negatively divisive). Trump may take the popular vote but, he may not get the “unpledged" delegates (Republican Party) or enough total delegates to get the nomination and for me, that would be a “pro” for the “super or “unpledged” delegate
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