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Top 10 Super foods that Help in Weight Loss
Our body is what we eat. Well, eating the right foods can actually help you lose weight. We eat so many different foods throughout the day, so if we just take a little time to see what we are eating; it can help us to stay in shape. Eating certain healthy foods not only helps to gain energy but also helps to lose weight. You don’t have to go on a shopping spree to get lose weight; these super foods are available in most Indian households.
Here are the top 10 super foods that help in weight loss:
1. Pomegranates – If you’re fond of eating pomegranates, we’ve got wonderful news for you. This delicious fruit with seeds is a super food and can actually help you to lose weight. Pomegranates contain a lot
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Oats – An oatmeal breakfast is not relished by everyone if but we told you that a bowl of oats can help to tone your body? Yes, that’s right! A bowl of oats a day can help to reduce your waistline along with your cholesterol levels. Apparently, oats take a long time to digest and therefore they help to keep you satisfied for long. Not only do they keep you energized, they also keep your sugar levels under control. And the best thing is that you just need 10 minutes to prepare a healthy bowl of oats.
3. Olive oil – If you don’t cook your food in olive oil, it’s high time you should start doing so because olive oil is a natural weight loss food. Olive oil is very rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and these help to decrease the levels of LDL, the bad cholesterol in the body. They also help to increase the levels of HDL, the good cholesterol in our body. Increased levels of monounsaturated fatty acids helps to break the stored fats in the body.
4. Brown rice – If you really want to lose weight, you would need to replace your white rice with brown rice. Brown rice contains fewer amounts of calories as compared to white rice. They are very rich in fiber and this makes them even healthier. Eating brown rice helps to control the weight and also improves the weight loss. Brown rice helps to keep your colon clean. It helps to facilitate digestion and improve bowel
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Bananas – The health benefits of bananas are very well known. Most people are aware that bananas help to curb the appetite and also get rid of bloating and inflammation. Bananas contain resistant starch, which makes the digestive system slow and relaxed and helps in breaking down stored fats. They improve the metabolism of the body and are great to prepare you for a workout. Due to the high amount of glucose, one feels energized after eating a banana and is apt to eat before heading the gym.
8. Pistachios – Packed with monounsaturated fatty acids, pistachios are friendly nuts that target the belly fat and help you to lose weight. Pistachios help to increase the secretion of certain hormones that help to regulate the metabolism of glucose and also increase the secretion of insulin in the body. This in turn helps to keep a check on blood sugar levels. Enjoy these wonderfully flavored nuts that supply ample amount of potassium to the body. Add sliced pistachios along with other nuts on your salads in place of mayonnaise and other fattening dressings and take inches off your

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