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The book I chose to read for my report was SuperFudge by Judy Bloom. It is a fiction book, which brings you into a life of a family that struggles with moving their children into a new town. Jealousy, anger, and resentment consume the sibling’s lives as they learn to live in a new home, make new friends, and go to a new school. The story begins in a small apartment in New York City where Peter, Fudge and his parents lived. They were a growing family because mom and dad had told the boys that they were going to have a new baby sister. She was due in January and her name was going to be Tootsie. This is when all the new changes began. The family moved to Princeton, New Jersey, shortly after Tootsie was born. They moved into a house that was…show more content…
He was already annoyed by Fudge and how smart he was. He would always threaten to run away by packing his “ugly bag” but his mom always convinced him to stay. When the news of moving came, Peter began to get angry because he would have to leave his other best friend Jimmy Fargo. Everything would be new and Peter did not like that. He thought the new house was old and creepy and he didn’t like the idea of going to the same school as Fudge. Fudge however was doing great in the new school. So mom and dad got him a bird and he named it Uncle Feather. As time passed Peter started being nicer to people more than usual. He started playing with Tootsie more and was being nicer to his parents. He was also less angry at Fudge. However, Fudge started being jealous of Peter because he wanted to be older. One day Fudge and his friend Daniel went out for the day without permission to go. They went to get pizza and brownies from the bakery. They got in trouble and lost their bikes for a month, so they had to walk to school. The time came when the family needed to make a decisions to stay in Princeton and buy a house or they would move back to New York City. Mom and dad felt that their home was in New York and the kids agreed but when they asked Tootsie she said “yuck”. They all left and went back to New York

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