Super Hero Analysis

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“You will not cry or whine or laugh or giggle or sneeze or burp. No annoying sounds.” The story starts off as Gru wanting to take the moon, and he already had a plan mapped out to steal the moon. The only thing left he needed was the shrink ray that will shrink the moon small enough so he could grab it. The only person who had a shrink ray was Vector (another villain). Then Gru sees these three little girls who he will use as bait to get inside Vector’s lair. Gru gets the shrink ray and also successfully steals the moon, but while Gru is stealing the moon, Vector kidnapped the three little girls. When Gru goes and gets the girls, the moon starts to grow back to its normal size causing Vector to not let the girls go, but Gru ends up saving them and defeating Vector. Gru is not a hero even though he saves the three little girls he adopted from Vector but…show more content…
Gru shows that he’s not a good person, he doesn’t do what is morally right, and he also will just come and tell you he’s a villain. Of course Gru learns how to love and learns how to do that right thing, but he just can't be considered a hero in this case. When watching this movie people definitely feel bad for Agnes, Edith and Margo because they were adopted to a villain who didn’t really care about them. They were used as bait and that is totally wrong. There so call “father” is a villain wanting to steal the moon. The whole reason he turned to a villain anyway was because of his mother. He also gets his villainy from his mother because she was kind of mean and evil since she wasn’t impressed by anything he did and it also seemed as if she didn’t love him. From Gru being neglected and him not feeling like he was loved certainly hurt him really sad inside. Gru is certainly wanting to prove himself and he sure did except he proved how bad of a villain he is. Gru is definitely a villain and that’s not a good thing especially for Agnes, Edith and
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