The Wonder Woman Analysis

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Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman movie, directed by Patty Jenkins, is a breath of fresh air in an oversaturated genre of super hero films. Gal Gadot’s performance as the Wonder Woman, the films protagonist, is a modern take on the classical triumph of a hero over the forces of evil. Jenkins Reveals the character of her archetypal hero through the subtle inviable visual language of cinema. It is Mise-en-scene and cinematography give the viewer is a glimpse of the idealistic hero, and the subjects of heroic storytelling. This visual exploration of the hero architype delves into what truly it means to be a hero. As in any good heroic story the subjects of love, strength, and bravery are present, but these thematic elements are not at the core of
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As she fully accepts her heroic values she is filled with the power of the gods, and assumes the pose of a crucifix with chest forward her arms out. This is analogies to the hero Jesus’s ultimate embrace of God, his values of good, when he was crucified. Wonder Woman is surrounded by a holy light as she fully commits herself to her cause and becomes the living avatar of good. The ghostly makeup on her face is replaced, showing such visual juxtaposition that the viewer sees a victim reborn into a vibrant goddess. Wonder Woman is surrounded by beautiful holy looking lights, to reinforce that her transformation is the result of something higher, representing a transcendent force of good. This entire analogy is subtly shown to the viewer through the mise-en-scene on the screen, such as the CGI effects, lighting on the characters, pose of the actress, and even the makeup. The mise-en-scene becomes the theme of the story by revealing true character behind what is a…show more content…
The lighting is now blindingly tungsten, relative to the dull blue color palette that had dominated the sequence up until this point. The stark change in the color palette makes it very clear to the viewer that there is shift in momentum. The orange lighting is brought forth by surrounding the fire streaks across Wonder Womans face and coneys the depths of her rage. The fire in the background shows constant kinetic energy, which gives the viewer a sense movement and elevates their attention to the scene. The carmas are pedominatly no longer on tripods, but instead varieties of tracking shots, constantly transisitoning between fast mositon and slow motion. The omniscient camra now shows Wonder Woman in eye-level shots, showing that she has leveled out the playing field instantly. As she crushes those in her path to Aries the camera moves from a medium long to mediem close up several times in a single shot, letting the views feel the chaotic nature of Wonder Womans mind. Reality itself is closing in as tunnel the vision of combat increases, the constant change between slow and fast motion also adds another layer of confusion of time and space to the
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