Super Hero Movie Analysis

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The movie was far from the mainstream movie genres we’re used to watching. It was not a work of science were things are very much surrounded by technological advancements that made people watch in awe. It was not also a love story that catches the emotions of the Filipino masses, neither was it a super hero movie were a hero defeats a villain. The movie was mostly based on the reality that we Filipinos face. Our strong belief in religion was widely showcased in the movie. Although John Lloyd was shown as somewhat skeptical in religion, his own wife’s belief is very strong which showcases the reality here in the Philippines where most of the religious people are primarily wives of families and not the fathers. John Lloyd was a typical father who is focused on providing the primary needs of his family. They were not a wealthy family but we can say that their financial standing was not also poor. They had an investment firm that ultimately screwed their life from which they needed miracles of biblical proportions. Things were quite well in the start of the story up until things went to hell during the murder of his father-in-law.

This family wasn’t short of problems as well. John Lloyd’s daughter also had school problems where she has pierced her classmate’s eye with a pencil. As they arrived home, a lot of people was there and his wife was talking to potential investors which were already skeptical from the start. However, they’ve managed to acquire investors which invested
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