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SMARTY SYMBOLISES THE HERO IN YOU! Our annual start-up is always a coulourful event, but what made year’s occasion one that will stand out for a very long time to come was getting to know our new-look Smarty. It was decided that Smarty – the beloved crocodile who has served as New Denmark’s mascot since 2002 – was in need of a makeover that would match his super hero status. “Apart from being an instantly recognisable symbol of safety, health and the environment, Smarty represents the hero in all of us because – to put it simply, coal miners are super heroes,” says safety superintendent Rudi Koekemoer. Firstly, we are heroes to our children and loved ones who expect us to come home every day. Secondly, we are the super heroes who keep the lights burning at the homes and workplaces in our communities. Real super heroes know that Safety Must Always Relate To Yourself (SMARTY), and going forward, we will be recognising those who display extraordinary dedication to the cause by awarding them with a SUPER HERO badge. We look forward to applauding our super heroes in upcoming editions of this newsletter. **** A MESSAGE FROM MOSES It gives me great pleasure to formally welcome you all back to work! Considering the year ahead, there is no doubt that we face many challenges, but what gives me immense hope is the energy our team has displayed during the first month of the year. Our biggest challenge remains safety. Last year, we achieved our best-ever total recordable

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