Super Max Facilities Advantages

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Super maximum prisons facilities are commonly known for their highly secured facilities that house the most horrible offenders who have committed the most monstrous crimes. Most offenders are serving multiple life sentences and spend their time in seclusion. The inmates are housed in individual rooms and placed on 23 hour lock down with minimal interaction with anyone. Thinking of the types of offenses the inmates committed leads many to believe that there are pros to having these facilities. However, many others believe that because of the severity of the seclusion the cons can perceived as cruel and unusual punishment.
There are many assumptions made regarding the benefits of Super Max facilities and can be described as offering a closure to victims, family members of victims and society in general. The criminals housed in these facilities will never be released back to society. Also, because these facilities are exceedingly secured this offers for no chance of escape. In the article what’s life like in Supermax prison? The authors R. Sanchez and A. Field report, “Heavily armed patrols cruise the sprawling complex. A dozen imposing gun towers rise above squat brick buildings. Walls topped with
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But I believe the pros outweigh the cons. I believe that the sense of safety, security and the offering of closure that the victims, family members and society in general make them worth the while. Furthermore, if the offenders did not conduct such evil crimes there would not be an opinion as to whether or not the punishment of a sentence of solitary confinement in a Super Max Prison Facility is curl and unusual. "They've been in jail. They've been in prison. They've killed staff. They've killed a visitor, they’ve earned, if you will, the right to go to Supermax. ... These are terrorists. These are disruptive gang members. They're spies." What's life like in Supermax prison? By R.S and
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