Super Prison: Alcatraz Prohibition

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I am going to write an essay about the “Super Prison”, Alcatraz. As you may know, the government made a prohibition to ban all alcohol. That didn’t workout so well for the rest of the world. The gangsters and the thieves and all of the other bad guys, either started making the crops to make alcohol, or they bought it from other places/countries. They became unstoppable, and everybody was afraid of them. If they were put in jail, they would threaten to hurt the officer 's family. Nobody could fight them off and they would murder people and even murder their own people if they had to. They couldn’t be held in a regular prison. They would riot and they would threaten the guards. Then, a man named Homer C. Cummings had an idea that would change the world forever. Cummings had an idea to build a “Super Prison” for criminals to stay and they would never be the same. The next few paragraphs are going to explain the history of Alcatraz.

As you all might know, Alcatraz was not a normal prison. It was a
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The prohibition was over and all of the criminals had been sent to jails around the world. Alcatraz finally opened its doors in 1963. The salty air was making Alcatraz fall apart. Alcatraz was too expensive to repair and to take care of. Alcatraz is now one a national park and is open to the public. You can go on tours and just go around the island. One of the tours you can go on is the escape tour. You go on a tour of the prison and then you try to escape. The other one is a Rock Tour which is basically a tour of the whole entire rock/island.

Alcatraz was once a great prison that held the most wanted criminals in the world. Unfortunately, this “super prison” as it was called, had to be shut down. Alcatraz is a great place to go to visit to get a feeling of how it would have felt to be a prisoner there. This national park is visited by about 1.4 million people a
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