Superpowers: A Case Study Of Bell's Phenomenon

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A superhero named Bell has two superpowers. Firstly, he has extraordinary memory because he can remember the specific date of each event. This is because of his powerful hippocampus, which linked to memory. After the nuclear explosion, Bell’s hippocampus was affected by the radiation and became to change immediately. Also, the glutamate sends signals to other cells and involved in learning and memory in the brain. Moreover, Bell has superman speed that let him run for days and never get tired. Because of the reticular formation and serotonin, they arouse the brain that people will get excited and never felt tired. Bell likes to drink alcohol, which can also stimulate the brain and let people run for a long distance. However, the supervillain named Super Q also has his own superpowers. He has excellent balance…show more content…
But his job is unnormal because he works at night and sleeps in the morning. He constructed a laboratory, which is built in a covert area in the city. He likes to invent the creative products in order to facilitate the community. To his great surprise, he won the first price when he joined the invention competition. More and more people began to notice Bell and considered him as the greatest and the most creative person in the invention area. This means he is intelligent and has a powerful brain. Unfortunately, a person named himself Super Q is greedy and never satisfied with his career. The only thing can content him is steel others achievement. Although he was caught by the police many times, he escaped from the jail based on his smart mind. However, the jail isn’t an effective punishment for him that he continues to do whatever he wants. Super Q’s undesirable behavior seriously disturb the stability of the society and most of the people were afraid about their property and safety. Because of this, the government also involved in this turmoil and accused Super Q’s behavior to the whole

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