Super Vanilla Cream Boi Short Story

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The extremely white and extremely wealthy Super Vanilla Cream Boi was walking down Cookie Dough Cheesecake Avenue of Cloud Land on a bright summer day. Cloud Land was a very diverse town, and it was split down the middle by this street, Cookie Dough Cheesecake Avenue. Cloud Land had a very rich part of town where everyone, including the white-suit adoring, orange-haired Super Vanilla Cream Boi, drove fancy cars such as shiny, red Lamborghinis or creamy, white Rolls Royces’ and lived in fancy white houses with gold trim flowing around the edges of the walls.
The other side of town was where the extremely dark Yung Cookie Thugs lived. They wore tattered clothes and never showered. Their hair was a shiny, greasy brown color and home to many parasites
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They started scheming up a plan to take back their cookie shooters and steal some of Super Vanilla Cream Boi’s money as well. The Yung Cookie Thugs knew that Super Vanilla Cream Boi was weak and that they could jump him in a secluded alley on Cookie Dough Cheesecake Avenue, the gateway between the two diverse sides of the city. Super Vanilla Cream Boi had recently gotten a membership at Jock Dude’s Physical Fitness Gym, on the upper west side. He was working every day to get stronger because he had figured out that the Yung Cookie Thugs were coming after him. Super Vanilla Cream Boi dreaded going back to Cookie Dough Cheesecake Avenue but he had to meet with his stock adviser, M&M Boy. Super Vanilla Cream Boi never reached the stock adviser’s office, because the Yung Cookie Thugs were waiting for him as soon as he hopped out of his Porsche covered in gold and…show more content…
The trapdoor was only big enough for one person to go at a time, but all 3 of them were greedy so they all tried to go at once. When they tried to do that, there was a chemical reaction and they all got stuck together. The big, fat Super Vanilla Cream Boi was in the middle and the Yung Cookie Thugs were pushing on him from both sides. They flattened Super Vanilla Cream Boi and they were basically a sandwich. Then, when they went all the way through the trapdoor, the combination of the 3 characters looked like they had gone through a cookie cutter. They fell and fell until they hit something very hard. It was the ground, and they started crying. Then a big, old fellow with breath that smelled like garlic cheese picked up the cookie that they had become. He had a great idea just then, he would mass produce the cookies! But then his train of thought was interrupted by Super Vanilla Cream Boi, who said, “What are thoseee?!” The man was wearing teal Crocs. He got very annoyed with the obnoxious cookie and he stuffed it in his burgundy dress sock. The man then went to a factory called Nabisco. He knocked on the door quickly and said, “I have a great new idea,” as he pulled the cookie out of his sock. And as you may know, the rest is
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