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To attract a larger audience from different demographics, organizations in America utilize the Super Bowl as a perfect platform to advertise their products and services. Sometimes they collaborate with the help of professional football players, actors, celebrities and upcoming commercial stars. Superbowl Commercials became so anticipated and popular in American pop culture, some people only watch the big game solely for the purpose of the commercials whether it is to obtain a good humor, to benefit on a discounted product or services or simply for general entertainment. A broadcasted Typical 30 seconds superbowl commercial cost about from 4 to 5 million dollars, as it expected to be more expensive. One of the most relevant commercial this year is the the Febreze half-time bathromm break. The purpose of is to advertise the new Febreze with odor clean technology, to connect…show more content…
The 2017 Febreze commercial reached out to its targeted audience, such as homeowners, sport bars, hosts ans hostesses to be prepared because people are going to be in need to use the bathroom, therefore it is up to them to maintain a favorable odor to attract people to their homes and businesses. In addition, most people can relate to the idea of holding the need to use the bathroom while watching a game or a movie, which is connected to the reality of daily lives; So using the bathroom during a break is convenient, not only for the Game, as well as to eliminate odors that may follow or indicate the purpose someone used the bathroom for. Nonetheless, a special effect that could be added to the commercial would be a comparison of households without the new Febreze product, and how uncomfortable they are due to bad smells, with odors evaporating throughout the room compared to those with Febreze, all cozy and

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