Superbowl Commercial Essay

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The two Superbowl commercials that are persuasive are the Skittles commercial and the Turbo Tax commercial. The Skittles commercial was about a boy that was throwing Skittles through a girls window. While he was throwing them through her window, she was catching the Skittles in her mouth. When the girl was done catching the Skittles, her family came in and sat down in a line and they started catching the Skittles in their mouths. When one person was done catching the Skittles, everyone would scoot down so the next person could catch them. Even a cop and a robber were catching the Skittles.

The commercial was selling Skittles. They were also trying to persuade you to buy the Skittles. The people who made this commercial did this by showing
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Then all of a sudden he fell and broke into pieces everywhere. He had to be rushed to the hospital in a helicopter. Finally he was done being put back together. He turned on the TV and was watching the news. The news reporter was asking why Humpty Dumpty was sitting on a wall doing his taxes. Humpty Dumpty responded with "Because you can.".

This commercial was trying to get you to get the app Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax is where you can do your taxes anywhere. You can even do your taxes on a wall. They tried to persuade you to get the app by taking a children's character and using him to show that you can do your taxes anywhere. So yes, this commercial was persuasive by trying to get you to get an app so you can do your taxes anywhere. Would you get this app?

The most persuasive commercial was probably the Skittles commercial. This is because anyone can buy Skittles but not everyone can do taxes. Skittles relates more to people of all age. The Turbo Tax commercial relates more to adults that actually have taxes to do. The Skittles add was funnier than the tax commercial because it showed a cop and robber stopping to catch Skittles in their mouths. The tax commercial was a little weird considering that Humpty Dumpty looked a little creepy. So the Skittles commercial was more persuasive than the Turbo Tax
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