Superbowl Rhetorical Analysis

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This commercial during the 2012 Superbowl by Jeep with a voice over of Oprah Winfrey, definitely did a good job tugging the heartstrings of the viewers. This is a very good example of pathos being used in a commercial. Jeep uses pathos to persuade the viewers to get excited about the war being over and their loved ones coming home. One can clearly tell that this commercial is focusing solely on the United States Army and those that are deployed overseas. The way that the commercial starts out, makes you want to see what it is going to be about. Once you realize that they are talking about the soldiers, the quote from the beginning, “We wait. We hope. We pray. Until you’re home again.”, immediately hits home to many of the viewers. Jeep and Oprah knew exactly what they were doing. They knew that the viewers who had loved ones overseas would automatically connect to this…show more content…
We are shown how things have been empty at home, school, church, and even how it affected the pets at home. They are making sure that this feeling is connecting to everyone, even if a person does not have a family member at home. I believe that that saying that tugs at everyone’s emotion from this commercial is “You’ve been missed. You’ve been needed. You’ve been cried for. Prayed for. You’ve been the reason we push on.” That statement right there shows how much the country and the people miss and love the men and women that have been serving our country. The first sighting that we get of a soldier is him getting into a Jeep. I believe that the using of a Jeep vehicle is being symbolised of America and how much we care. We see him driving down a road full of American flags, showing him that we are here for all of them. Showing the returns of all the soldiers makes you feel that warming feeling you get, when you see loved ones being reunited again. It’s a wonderful feeling and Jeep knew exactly what they were
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