The Death Of Ivan Ilych By Leo Tolstoy

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The Death of Ivan Ilych is a short story written by Leo Tolstoy during the late 18th century. In this short story, Leo Tolstoy writes about a man named Ivan Ilych a very ambitious government official who has an untreatable illness who dies slowly, lonely and without the support of his family. This paper will convey Tolstoy’s theme in the Death of Ivan Ilych of Ivan Ilych superficial values and how it is reflected on his family and himself. This could be seen through Ivan Ilych and his wife throughout the short story as both express superficial values to each other. In the short story, Ivan Ilych is living in a superficial modern middle-class lifestyle. Tolstoy saw this lifestyle and attitude taking shape in his day and thought that those …show more content…

(Tolstoy E.750) Ivan Ilych doesn’t appear to have any sympathy for his wife or his newborn child. Instead, they’re a bother to him, and interfere with his ordered and pleasant life. All he wants to do is retreat from his house. He is separating himself from his family is the reason why his family doesn’t pay attention to him once he becomes sick. Because of Ivan Ilych actions he has caused for Praskovya Fedorovna to be a clear reflection of …show more content…

I cannot understand how I bore it") than for her late husband's. In accepting condolences from Ivan's best friend (who could not think of a reasonable excuse for avoiding the funeral), she is more interested in his opinion of her chances of receiving a large pension than in his fond remembrances of Ivan. (Vannatta) Praskovya Fedorovna feels relieve after her husband died and now she just wants to find out if she is going to receive money which is her only interest at the funeral and the friend who used to play chess with Ivan Ilych wants to from that unpleasant place. After all Ivan Ilych has the fault that Praskovya Fedorovna she come to hate him and wish for his dead and after the death of Ivan Ilych the only thing she cares about is the money. At the end of the short story both Ivan Ilych and Praskovya Fedorovna feel lonely with no support. At the begging of the marriage there was so much to do that they barely had arguments and according to Leo Tolstoy: they were both so well satisfied and had so much to do that it all passed off without any serious quarrels. When nothing was left to arrange it became rather dull and something seemed to be lacking, but they were then making acquaintances, forming habits, and life was growing fuller. (Tolstoy

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