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The evolution and differences in the superhero genre in cinema through the example of Superman Introduction The superhero genre in cinema is a category that includes all the films which involve at least one superhero. A superhero is a costumed character who possesses special powers, such as the power to fly, and tries to make something good out of it, like fighting villains and protecting people. The first real superhero movie is Superman and the mole men, directed by Lee Sholem and released in 1951. The latest is Logan, directed by James Mangold. Most superhero movies are based on superhero comics. The genre emerged during the late 30s, amid the Great Depression and World War II, probably to enternain people and make them think about…show more content…
Superman and Man of steel A. Superman, a fantasy world Richard Donner 's Superman ends happily. After defeating Lex Luthor, Clark Kent flies into space, leaving towards the sun. It reminds us an other mythical american hero: the cowboy, embodied by John Wayne who played in so much westerns such as The Searchers. It 's a classic hollywood ending, the hero saves the world and falls in love with a woman. Superman is proud, he 's smiling and is not looking back. It shows us that he is satisfied with what he has done, like the viewer should be when watching the movie. Moreover, people don 't seem astonished when they attend the hero 's uses of his superpowers. It feels like the movie is a true adaptation of the comics, while in the comics, people 's reactions were not realistic at all: they usually forget very fast Superman 's surhuman powers. It sometimes even creates a gap between the essence of a film and the film itself. Some characters look like they just got out of superhero comics, they look fake. B. A realistic…show more content…
After defeating Zod, Clark Kent screams and cries in his Lois ' arms. He suffers not only because is he the last kryptonian to be alive, he also is the reason why he has failed to repopulate his race. Superman needs someone to comfort him, oppositely to westerns, where the heros leave

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