Superhero In Beowulf

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Anglo-Saxon Superhero Traits What comes to mind when you hear or see the word “superhero”? Some may see a strong character such as superman, but others may see people such as Martin Luther King Jr. while overcoming hardships. But different times can change the way we perceive what a hero should be like. For example, the Anglo-Saxons believed that a superhero, first had to look the part of a strong, stunning man. They also had to have the strength to support their appearance, as well as a great amount of courage. Therefore, Beowulf would be considered the Ideal Anglo-Saxon superhero. The first trait Beowulf portrays in the poem is his appearance. He had a stunning appearance which is noted by his strength, shown on lines 110-111 “Follower…show more content…
During the first battle, in lines 275-290 “Had he met a man whose hands were harder: ... The infamous killer fought for his freedom.” shows how much strength Beowulf had. He could nearly kill a monster in just a few moments with little effort. The Anglo-Saxon’s would typically use boasting to show off their strength; which Beowulf was good at, but he had the physical abilities to transcend and out fight any competitor physically or mentally. Courage is the third main trait that Beowulf possesses, which all Anglo-Saxon’s respected. In lines 165-170 “That I, alone and with the help of my men, may purge all evil from this hall.” shows that Beowulf is not afraid of anything. A superhero will always take on a challenge no matter what the odds are, which is why Beowulf fits the part ideally. This also gains the respect of many people (aside from Unferth). There are many traits that Beowulf has that would make him the ideal superhero in the Anglo-Saxons mind. He shows off his great warrior-like body to many, he proves that he is truly the strongest around, and then he shows his relentless courage throughout the poem. This poem a whole, talks about the life of a superhero in Anglo-Saxon times. It is always beneficial to have a role model in life; so don’t be afraid to go out and find your own
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