Superheroes In Batman

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In the research article titled “ A superhero to the rescue” written by Anna Yung, Shina Gabel, J.Holland, ninety-eight male undergraduates (65% White) participated in exchange for course credit. The goal of this research was to examine the effects of muscular superheroes on men’s body image. Participants’ PSR status was assessed with Batman and Spider-Man separately. It was noted that previously research showed ,that participants’ responses to the items “How much do you like Batman and Spider-Man? And “How Familiar are you with Batman and Spider-Man?” using 1 (not at all) to 5 (extremely) scales were averaged participants with high (4 and above) and low (2.5 and below) scores for each superhero were recruited for the corresponding version of the study. Participants’…show more content…
Following participants were then tested on different things to find out information on this research whether it was their mood and how they felt may it be a positive or negative outcome they had their physical strength was also tested .Finally, participants provided some general demographic information and then were debriefed, thanked, and dismissed. The results indicated that a PSR status controls the effects of muscular superheroes on body image. When a PSR did not exist, men exposed to a muscular superhero had lower body esteem than those exposed to a non-muscular superhero. However, with a PSR men exposed to a muscular superhero did not indicate any body esteem issues but also displayed greater strength on the dynamometer than those exposed to a non-muscular superhero. These results emerged regardless of the specific superhero. Both young and older males have long experienced a fascination with superheroes, who more represent unattainable muscular ideals. This research suggested that although muscular superheroes can have negative effects on body image, PSR status moderates those effects and may even lead to some favourable
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