Superheroes In The Incredibles

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Imagine action, romance, family, villains and superheroes all in one movie. That’s what I found when I watched The Incredibles. It was a great movie, fun filled and enjoyable.
The Incredibles is a high action film about family and the importance of teamwork. It stars Craig Nelson as the main character, Bob Parr, who is a superhero doing his job, saving people. In the film he makes a few mistakes as a hero and is sued. Eventually the world is tired of superheroes and gets rid of them. The supers are told to remain in their secret identity and be normal.
Holly hunter is the voice actor of Helen Parr, Bob’s wife. She is also a superhero and has three super kids, violet Parr (Sarah Vowell), Jack Jack Parr (Maeve Andrews) and Dashiell Parr (Spencer

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