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Superheros are Lit/Superheros Characteristics When I was 10 years old I really got into superheros when I saw Batman begins for the first time I loved the fact that Batman went through so much training to become a hero to find who killed his parents and Batman was a billionaire who wanted to help his city come back to the way it was before his parents died. The best superheroes have certain traits that make them unique from other superheroes for example superheroes have some sort of power or have a great story line also they have double lives keeping two identities. Some superheroes have superpowers and some do not, but some of the best superheroes have powers such as the Flash, Superman and Deadpool. Flash is a superhero who has the ability to run as fast as the speed of light this makes him a great superhero because he has to learn to live with his powers and keep his powers out of his real life and not let anyone know he's the Flash. Deadpool has the ability to regrow body parts this makes him a great hero because he does not care for his powers he wants to get rid of them, but he acts like a villain, but is a hero so he adds comedy to his character which allows people to connect with him more. Superman has the powers to fly and shoot lasers out his eyes this is just awesome who does not like a character than can shoot lasers from…show more content…
In the future there might be different characteristics that make superheroes good the hero's might change there could be new heroes that everyone is talking about and these might not be relevant anymore. They all should still contain some of these main traits of a superhero, but not all superheroes have these traits some are very different some are very similar. The superheroes might not even change, but if they do, they would still need to follow the footsteps of other heroes to be the

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