Superior Genetics Marketplace: A Case Study

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“Profit margins determine whether businesses sink or swim and this is especially true in the hypercompetitive ecommerce industry” (Shpanya, 2014, p. 1). As the quote suggests, healthy profit margins are critical for any business to ensure longevity and success in the eCommerce realm. To achieve this one should look at ways to improve profitability and ensure the brand’s trustworthiness within the market sector. Therefore, this paper will investigate ways to improve profitability for Superior Genetics Marketplace (SGM) as well as how to protect their reputation to sustain the brand image within a brand sensitive market. Monetary funds are a finite resource (Shane, 2012) and therefore SGM plans to make a concerted effort to identify ways to reduce costs and utilize eCommerce to increase cost savings. Firstly, as SGM’s logics supply chain is dependent on customers who list approved genetic material within the online market, the biggest option for cost saving is the shipping and handling component within the logistics…show more content…
In an age where negative reviews can spread like wildfire (Schneider, 2017), it is critical that businesses are diligent to act ethically and to proactively strive for the protection of the reputation of the brand as well as their customers. This can be done in a variety of ways. First, as customers have entrusted SGM with confidential information, it is critical to ensure the security and confidentiality of the information provided. Any breach of trust or negligence can have dire consequences that could permanently damage the brand. Consequently, SGM plans to invest in a variety of security measures that ensure the safety of their customers and to cultivate a trust relationship within the
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