What Are The Similarities Between Superman And Me By Sherman Alexie A Superhero

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A Superhero is not judged by the power he has,but only by the choices he makes. In the essay,”Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie, the author uses an extended metaphor to explain his relationship with the fictional character Superman. Alexie uses many things in his life to compare himself to Superman. Although Alexie may not be seen as a hero with actual superpowers, he demonstrates the qualities of a superhero in different ways. Alexie is seen as someone that almost resembles an alien in the eyes of his society. Most of Alexie’s comparisons with himself and Superman are figurative. Sherman Alexie and Superman have much more similar qualities than one might realize. Alexie gains an understanding of paragraphs and begins to see the world as paragraphs. He sees from a new perspective and is able to narrow down the …show more content…

Alexie does not break down literal, but figuratively and Superman breaks down a door literally in a comic excerpt. “In one panel,Superman breaks through a door”(Alexie 4). Alexie breaks through the figurative doors that society had placed on him. Breaking down the doors took determination which Alexie and Superman both possessed.”I refused to fail. I was smart. I was arrogant. I was lucky.’”(Alexie 7). Alexie broke down the oppressing doors that society had placed to hold them back. In the essay, “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie, the author uses an extended metaphor to compare himself to the comic book superhero,Superman. The extended metaphor develops in a way that is similar to Alexie developing. Alexie does not have literal, “alien” qualities but, he demonstrates strange actions in the eyes of his society and peers, just like Superman. Alexie and Superman are both expected to fail and both end up triumphing over their conflicts. Both Superman and Alexie bypass all of the obstacles in their

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