Superman Hero Essay

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Have you ever heard of Superman the hero. Have you ever asked your self who your hero is, take a second…. Is it your mom, big sister, or dad. My dad isn 't just my dad he is my all-time hero!! He never fails to put a great big smile on my face and he has never let me down no matter how far away or how hard it is.

He never lets me down no matter what the situation is. I feel overly safe when he is by my side he’s 6’7 and 200 pounds you probably feel safe by him to. He has black hair and blue eyes. My dad is an unbelievable guy with the most extraordinary personality! He is marvelous at playing golf and basketball
(most of the time).His favorite food it steak and pasta!! He loves adventures and his favorite team for any sport is Kentucky which is where he grew up.
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He has also strengthened my relationship with God and he taught me how to play golf; now I love the sport but most of all love playing with him!!
(even though he beats me most of the time) I love playing cards with him like poker and speed. I usually win.

A lot of the examples that make my dad a hero are not life or death situations, but everyone is a hero by just being their self and my dad is one of the best things in my life. I feel like my dad is an everyday hero because he’s overly kind, he is brave, positive, hilarious, strong and loving to everyone around him and everyone has unconditional love for him. He can go to a grocery store and make friends with the butcher and he is friends with the butcher his name is Ralph.

My dad is an everyday hero because he influences everyone around him in a wonderful way! Without my dad I wouldn 't be here. He is one of the best things in my life and I would not be able to survive without
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