Supermax Prisons Summary

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Jaime Mata
CRIJ 2313.03 Correctional Systems and Practices
Article review
Date submitted: February 4, 2017
Word count: 850-1,500

Kurki and Morris (2001) examine the spread of Supermax prisons and the problems that plague them in the article titled The Purposes, Practices, and Problems of Supermax Prisons.
The National Institute of Corrections defines a Supermax as a highly restrictive unit or facility used to isolate those who are considered more of threat than the general prison population (id, p. 388). Though the goals of a Supermax prison are clearly stated they face scrutiny due to their vast amount of problems some of which interfere with what most consider basic rights and morals. This article review provides insight into the use of Solitary confinement as a punishment in correctional facilities. Supermax prisons commonly have four characteristics that give them the label “Supermax”. These four characteristics are as follows: Supermax prisons are generally characterized by indefinite, long term housing, usually accompanied by nearly complete isolation and deprivation of environmental stimuli, little to none programmed activities allowed, with prison employees having a wide scope of
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Some of these conditions include little to none contact with the outside world, confinement for the majority of the day, and the abuse they may face from prison staff. With supermaxes providing the minimum physical necessities and attempt to provide other minimum constitutionally mandated necessities, deliberately denying privileges common in prisons (id, p.). Haney and Lynch came up with the conclusion: this experience is psychologically painful, can be traumatic and harmful, and puts many of those who have been subjected to it at risk of long-term emotional and even physical damage (id,
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