Supernatural Argumentative Essay

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Television shows often speak to us. They entertain us. They make us laugh and make us cry. Often, the actors behind our beloved characters live in another world apart from our own. In the case of Supernatural, a show about the occult, myths, religion, and the monster of the week, the cast is far more than a group of actors. They're aware of their fandom. They are also aware of the power of celebrity that has been bestowed upon them. It all began when one of the main actors, Jared Padalecki, lost a friend to suicide. It made him realize how real the struggles people face silently face are. He decided to become a voice of awareness by starting a campaign to raise money for counseling, awareness, and education. The fundraiser is Always Keep Fighting raises money that goes to help with larger campaigns To Write Love on Her Arms, The Wounded Warrior Project, and A.I.R. - Attitudes in Reverse dedicated to student suicide prevention and mental health. It was more than a campaign. It was a celebrity bringing himself to his fans through social media, being real with them about his emotions and loss. It became more than just a fundraiser. It grew into an intricate network of support systems. The shirt designs were a signal that we are powerful. We are fighters. As simplistic as a tee-shirt design may seem, it was a powerful message. The outpouring of support and stories from those were victims, survivors, and family of those who had committed or attempted to commit…show more content…
My own mother had attempted suicide many times in a short span when I was a teenager. Each time she attempted to take her life, I was the one to find her. Suicide affects more than the person who may be hurt to the point they feel that this is their only viable option to end their pain or cry for help. This fundraising campaign that was and is helping so many people inspired me. It was a signal to my own battle with depression and self-worth to always keep
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