Supernatural Convention In Macbeth

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It is optimistic the integration of the supernatural convention in Macbeth can provide the reader and the audience with an impression of harrowing concern and mysterious unworldliness. This report will delve into the world of supernatural and how it is asserts its presence in the world of Macbeth.
The reader can identify that Macbeth will have supernatural elements in it within the opening lines as the witches are first introduced. The witches seem to predict Macbeth’s victory by foresight. The use of language in their dialogue in the opening consists of rhyming, “Fair is foul, and foul is fair:/Hover through the fog and filthy air.” (1:1,12-13). These rhyming couplets that are prominently said by witches demonstrates an unworldliness. In
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Greek foretellers selected by the gods; however, Macbeth makes the choices that unlocks this convention of further exploration concerning with the supernatural. John P. Beifuss identifies, “In Macbeth, the witches are the most obvious supernatural element but they are not the most important one.” (Beifuss, 1976 pg.30) The appearance Banquo’s ghost in act three scene four proves to be harrowing as the titled character Macbeth is tormented by the apparition. This could also be argued as choices made by Macbeth, conflict with his mental state as the apparition only appears to Macbeth alone. However, Banquo’s ghost proposes a sense of the supernatural, as he remains in his dead state by his horrific death. He haunts Macbeth to show him what he has done.
Another demonstration that separates the mundane world from its supernatural counterpart is that of the bloody Macbeth sees “Is this a dagger which I see before me,” (2:1, 40) “A dagger of the mind, a false creation,” (2:1, 45) Macbeth argues that the dagger is his hallucinations, urged by his wife. Earlier scenes do not provide the method of Duncan’s murder. Therefore, the implication of the dagger however, is to be a way point to Macbeth’s
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