Supernatural Elements In Macbeth Analysis

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Supernatural Aspects in Macbeth

Mohammad Hashem 9.1

William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright and actor. Shakespeare is truly considered as one of the most successful and famous writers in English history. His currently existing work consists an estimate of 38 plays (including collaborations with other famous figures), 154 sonnets and 2 long narrative poems. A main aspect that which sincerely stood out in about all of William Shakespeare’s work was the usage of fiction and the theme of supernatural entities in it. Shakespeare’s use of the supernatural elements was mainly introduced to the audience in the memorable play “Macbeth” as they are also an integral part of the plot and structure of the play. It becomes very clear and obvious from first glance of the play that fictional elements are being used when we see the three witches. The three witches are gathered on a cliff in the middle of a storm, chanting in several different tones. On first looks they seem on casting some sort of spell and in a blink of an eye, they had all disappeared. More supernatural entities are further introduced in the play which is the three witches and their witchcraft, the hovering bloody dagger, the apparition of Banquo and the many conspiracies and observations of the Old man. What i honestly enjoy about how Shakespeare used fiction and supernatural elements in Macbeth is that even though the technique/theme is very common to be used by authors or playwrights, Shakespeare managed

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