Psychological Issues In Stephen King's Work

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Stephen Kings is a highly celebrated American author of contemporary horror, thriller and science fiction. With over 200 stories and over 50 novels published in the last 5 decades, he is a known figure not only in the literary society but also in the entertainment industry, with his works being turned into movies, TV Series and comics. Most of his famous works that will be called classics are based on supernatural horror, with science and psychology thrown in the mix for just the right effect that makes them relatable to readers on a completely different level than the stories of other horror writers. King is celebrated for his knack of using the mundane lives lead in unexciting and monotonous towns, with dull and glaringly unremarkable people,…show more content…
Job fair were a common deal, with people of all age, gender and race attending them in hopes of getting a job barely enough to pay rent and keep food in their stomach. Economic recession has been one of the biggest reasons for the increase in many different psychological issues like depression, anxiety and stress over the years. People facing the effects of recession like loss of job, reduction in wages while supporting a whole family are four times more prone to facing these mental issues. The people who see their co-workers losing jobs will stay with the fear of meeting the same fate as them, which will cause anxiety and stress as well. Lack of employment is reported as one of the major causes for suicides committed all across the world. Jobless people have made up for the highest number of suicides committed every year in the countries that contribute the most in the global Suicide numbers. Lack of job in the West also means a lack of facilities provided to employees, like counseling sessions and financial resources to spend independently on mental health care. We see how accurately King builds the realities of that period as the background for his story. The novel showcases King’s ability to use social issues and common elements of the society, like religion, conventional beliefs and stereotypes, to create horror and
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