Supernatural Lilith In Pop Culture

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In this paper, I will be comparing the demonic figure Lilith that we talked about in class and how she is portrayed in pop culture, specifically the show Supernatural. During class we learned that Lilith is said to be an independent, defiant, fierce female who was originally in a relationship with Adam until they got into an altercation about their sex position, which seemed to be too much confrontation for Adam to bear with. After Lilith and Adam separated Adam received Eve and Lilith went on to live her life independently. While living her life independently Lilith is portrayed to be evil, intrusive and work against the “natural order” of things. Lilith’s whole contribution to life is to defy “normal” “natural” sex ways like waiting to get…show more content…
She was a very powerful demon that could do pretty much anything, her main job was to be the holder of all souls that were traded in as deals with Lucifer and to actually release him from the depths of hell. In class we never really talked about Lilith and Lucifer (Satan) to have any kind of special ties or relationship besides it being stated in some ancient texts that Lilith and Satan was the bad version of Adam and Eve. In the first episodes of Supernatural that Lilith appeared in she possessed little girls and was just killing random people instead of being a grown woman and killing specifically children and affecting people 's sex life. In the first episode that she appeared in she was a little girl that came to a police station and killed multiple people without anything that was related to sex. In the second episode that she appeared in she didn’t have any specific reasons to kill the people that she killed besides wanting something to do in her free time. The people that she killed in this episode were just the family of the little girl that she had possessed originally possessed. Later on in the show she started to possess women but even then she did not do anything sexual or kill any children, she just wanted to continue making deals with humans and taking their souls and also breaking seals so that Lucifer could be released from
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