Supernatural Power In Macbeth

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It has been known for a long time that the witches, demons or other creatures with supernatural power, especially in the past, have influenced people 's lives to a great extent. Every single person believes in their power, magic and will. People are afraid of their ability to control others and to predict the future. Their predictions seem to be inevitable, everything what they say, fulfils in its own pace. In this paper I will focus on the significant role of the witches and investigate whether they are in control of the future or only foresee it. Next, I will show how the three witches influence the action and Mackbet 's behaviour. Later, I am going to To start with, "Macbeth" depicts a story of the brave…show more content…
Identifying with the male and female sex at the same time makes people confused, because they do not know with whom or which they have to deal with. Three witches seem to be the supernatural with paranormal abilities. Humans are superstitious and believe that these creatures are undefeated and nothing living on earth can measure up to them. That belief and fear assure the witches the victory, they seem to be head and shoulders above people. What is more, admittedly three witches foresee some part of the future, but it does not have to be the final one. The witches are not able to give the real answer what people do. There can be a lot of options and various choices which have a great impact on one 's future. The witches know somebody 's weak points, but they are not aware of what others choose, people may turn to crime or follow the path of integrity, it is their decision, because people have…show more content…
Without detailed analysis he believes in their words. He treats them as an infallible oracle, but he forgets that they represent the evil. Macbeth has never thought that they may deceive him by making him feel undefeated and safe which results in his demise. As Hecate has said the wrong feeling of security can be pernicious. Macbeth acts like a child, he is very naive. Macbeth 's belief and desire for becoming the king have been so great that he has decided that his foretold fate must come true and he does everything to accomplish it. Unfortunately, the ambition assumes control of his

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