Supernatural Power Of Voodoo

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“Doctors pronounced him dead. An official death certificate confirmed the end of his life. His immediate family held a funeral and interred the body at the local cemetery in L’Estere. They sealed the coffin with nails and buried him in a traditional manner. For most people, death is the end. Ask Clairvius Narcisse” (Hewitt). Voodoo can be used for curses, bringing up the dead, and supernatural rituals. On the other hand, some reported cases of this supernatural power which have occured. The argument of Voodoo has been disproven multiple times. But, media has given Voodoo much publicity. Voodoo, as practiced by devout followers, continues to be disseminated by the media even though skeptics continue to doubt its paranormal power. Throughout history Voodoo has been used in multiple cultures. Many assume Voodoo originated from Haiti in 1724; at first, snake cults worshipped multiple different spirits ( After Voodoo arrived in Cuba, plantation owners who brought slaves from there let them practice it, introducing it into the Colonies ( Furthermore, the word Voodoo has many different variations for its name including Vodin, Vaudin, Voudoun, Vodou, and Vaudoux ( Basically, Voodoo has a unique, different history. Voodoo has many paranormal, supernatural powers controlled by priests. The very definition of a paranormal would be “an event or perception is said to be paranormal if it involves forces or agencies that beyond scientific
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