Supernatural Theories

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The television show chosen to detect various personality types is the current twelve season phenomenon known as Supernatural. Beginning the analyzation with the show’s backstory/main storyline; two brothers are raised by their father, who eventually ends up teaching them how to hunt and obliterate the supernatural. This takes place the second their mother passes, due to a demon incident. These brother’s names are: Sam and Dean Winchester, and throughout the seasons they learn how to banish/disintegrate every creature they happen to come in contact with. However, with this in mind, the analyzation will only reveal the personality of one sole character, and that would be the older of the two brothers, Dean. The reasoning behind choosing Dean…show more content…
This explains the first portion of Horney’s theory, now on to the second. As he continued to grow up, he started to fight alongside his brother in attempts to become as decent a hunter as his father was before he passed, slain by a demon as well. So, as he continued to overcome his personal and public obstacles, he began to feel a vague loneliness. All the trips he would go on would leave him foraging for a lasting love he would be able to keep and finally be at peace with, but throughout his life he would just have to cut them all of so as not to have them mixed up in the dangerous journey he was born…show more content…
However, even though he also embodies the personality that Alfred Adler holds to be true, it seems that Horney’s thoughts are most evident in his actions and dealing with the past he has. In conclusion, Dean Winchester is a difficult character to crack, but understanding the various personality type theories makes it easier to narrow down. Completing this project and delving deeper into this fictional character on a more personal level, has helped not only understand the television show better, but theories as a whole as
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