Salem Witch Hunt Analysis

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Richard Godbeer introduced “the salem witch hunt” in which he addresses various tragic dialogues occurring in Salem during the early modern period. During the course of Puritans, many followed strictly through the concept of catholic religious beliefs leading to apprehension in contact of compulsive behaviour influencing supernatural assumptions. Commonly the society detected this manifestation as witchcraft, overbearing that most poor, widowed and oddly conducted women were generally associated with demonic figures. During the trails mentioned in the authors book, we can sense a shift of emotion overbearing the figure being held in front of the jury and also to the people witnessing this horrific perturbation since most of women at the time,…show more content…
Causing many suspicion of demonic activity throughout the salem village, hysteria spread quickly as the population ascended to witchcraft creating the act of cynicism. Most conducted these suspicions though dissecting their physical and mental image meaning that most of the civilians would convert to supernatural explanations in order to assume the act of demonic possession and I quote “Good also had a reputation for holding a grudge and for muttering curses against those who crossed her, which would have alarmed her neighbours, not least because many people believed that such curses would work” ( The Salem Witch Hunt, p.69). This quote taken from Sarah Good’s bibliography confirms the suspicions of witchcraft as these sign were depicted as supernatural to the puritans perspective. Being fearful of the devil, most puritans believed that the abnormal should endure punishment as for these acts were created against the church law leading to christian ignorance and disbelief and I quote “They also show how easily people could become convicted that hostile neighbours were wielding occult forces against them”(The Salem Witch Hunt, p.69). Furthermore this explains the drought in the puritans point of view. Detecting inexplainable adversity, the society ended in combined anxiety leading to the witch…show more content…
Acknowledging that most women in the witch trials were falsely accused of using magic to harm others, many feared for their lives as punishment would mostly lead to death. Governed cases favoured this issue through committing to personal interest instead of evaluating the individuals benefit. Optimizing the feeling of helplessness most victims were committed to pursue the witch trails given in order to confess. Following through one of the dialogues, we can determine that in Tituba’s case the responsiveness of the trail moreover shows the commitment of deny as for being the first accused woman to confess to witchcraft. Being the primitive confession, we can make assumptions that the court carried out an underlying statement hindering the emotional state of the person being implicated. Most of the dialogue presented, certifies the imbalanced psyche confirming the turmoil of Tituba’s emotion and I quote “Tituba’s rapid surrender under interrogation,her subsequent eagerness to provide the judges with the detailed narrative that they evidentially wanted,and her attempts to present herself as a victim even as she confessed provide insight into her personal ordeal as well as the dynamics at work as the trails got under way”(The Salem Witch Hunt, p.84). This quote additionally addresses the statement in which the court would
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