Policeman Of The World Essay

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Introduction The United States has historically come out as being a policeman of the world given its interventionist approach to events taking place in various parts of the world and shaping global politics and policy. As a result of this role, the US has become dominant in international relations. However, being a policeman of the world comes with various consequences which the US has had to face. The US military's current role as the “policeman” of the world as exemplified in real life international incidents is that has helped maintain global stability and protection of human rights. As Davis (2018) observes, this role as the world policeman is necessary for restoring world peace and indicates the moral responsibility of the US or all-powerful…show more content…
One of these incidents entailed the US intervention in the civil war in Somalia and the Iraq War in 2003. Even though the US military suffered a catastrophic loss, it helped send a message to the Alshabaab terror group. In this incident, the US intervention was mainly driven by the humanitarian need to assist innocent civilians caught in the fight between government forces and a terror organization. Additionally, the Multinational Force in Lebanon which involved British, Italian, French, and American intervention in Lebanon are other incidents since the second world war when the US has intervened and acted as a policeman of the world. Their response was aimed at ending the civil strife that was almost culminating in a full-blown war. The formation of alliances was also evident as American military teamed up with other countries’ armies to help restore peace and stability. Further, the Operation Power Pack which was a US occupation of the Dominican Republic was also another incident aimed at promoting world peace. Also, the Operation Blue Bat was an intervention by the US in Lebanon to protect it against nonstate actors fighting the government of Lebanon. In Vietnam War, the US intervened to help end
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