Supersize Me Essay

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According to Gus Lubin the author of “13 Disturbing Facts about Mcdonald’s” 68 million people eat McDonald’s daily. However, what effect does this food have on your health? Morgan Spurlock pondered the same question and went on a strict one month diet of eating nothing but McDonald’s. In Supersize Me, Spurlock eats Mcdonald’s with the intention to show how it affects people 's health. As he is doing his month of experimental diet he shows how the food affects not only him, but also how the food affects all people. Through the multiple interviews and his experiment Morgan Spurlock makes his point that the food at Mcdonald 's has an appalling effect on the people who eat it.
Spurlock shows the appalling effects through various interviews with common-day people,children, the Surgeon General, and the food lobbyist for Coca-Cola. Spurlock does an interview with a few children where he shows them cards of historical figures and fast food figures. Multiple children had a hard time identifying who the historical figures were. For instance, one child thought Jesus was George W. Bush, but the child knew who Ronald McDonald was. As Spurlock interviewed two men on the street, they said they were on their way to McDonald’s and they eat there regularly. The men strongly urge people to go there, and
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We see the appalling effects of what going to the golden arched restaurant through Morgan Spurlock 's experiment. As Spurlock is conducting the experiment we see how the fast food begins to eradicate his health. His liver begins to shut down slowly, but also the amount of weight he gains. In just 5 days, Spurlock gains 10 pounds by eating nothing but McDonald’s, that is 2 pounds per day. Furthermore, his diet begins to consume his life because we see how without his addiction he becomes depressed without it. Due to the fact that, he is becoming depressed, he can only find comfort in eating McDonald’s. His mood instantly changes as if he was a little boy getting the toy he has asked
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