The NBA Finals Team

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Obtaining a Superstar All NBA Finals teams have different rosters with unique players and very good players. Every NBA Finals team needs players with specific skill sets that allow them to have profound effects on the game even if they are not all around superstars. Effective rebounders, great shooters, and tough defenders are all important parts of the equation for an NBA Finals team, but every NBA Finals team must have a superstar on their team. Out of the last 15 teams to win the NBA Finals only one has won without a superstar player on their team; that team is the Detroit Pistons of 2004 and they had a very strong defensive unit led by outstanding defensive physical post play. But a superstar is essential to a team because they are…show more content…
A featured NBA columnist, Grant Hughes, for the Bleacher Report recently wrote an article about who are the best defenders in the NBA. The last four winners of the NBA Finals have all had someone from the top five on Hughes’s list, this clearly demonstrates the importance of good defenders (Hughes, 2014). Great defenders can also be your superstars, superstars can also fill the roles set for the role players. That was the case two out of the last three years with the Miami Heat, Lebron James was their superstar as well as their best defender. There is no team that has won the NBA Finals in the last fifteen years without having at least one high quality…show more content…
Selfish players have little part in championship teams, players must be willing to follow game plans and play team defense or they will hurt the odds of victory for the team. Coach Rose also emphasizes the importance of unselfishness as one of his five key principles in the beginning of his book (Rose, 2004, p. 2). In a recent writing done about the most selfish players in the NBA, only one of them has ever won an NBA Finals (Top 5 most selfish players in the NBA, 2013). Last season’s San Antonio Spurs are a great example of how unselfish play can lead to an NBA Final’s victory. They were outmatched in talent by their opponents, the Miami Heat, but they were the top rated NBA team in assists and this unselfish play and exquisite passing allowed them to win the NBA Finals (Table
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