Superstition And Religion In Lives Of The Saints Essay

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Saagar Doshi
Mrs. Pivniceru
Period 2
September 29, 2015
Superstition and Religion in Lives of the Saints
In the book Lives of the Saints, superstition and religion are one of the main and dominant themes. This is firstly displayed when a snake bites Cristina and causes numerous bad events. The snake bite is introduced in the first paragraph in the book and this tells the readers that it is going to be a dominant theme. To illustrate, Vittorio says, ?If this story has a beginning, a moment at which a single gesture broke the surface of events ? then that beginning occurred on a hot July day in the year 1960 ? when my mother was bitten by a snake? (Ricci 1). In the village of Valle del Sole, the snake represents many superstitions. The snake may represent the punishments needed to be carried out by the devil. The snake also represents the ?evil eye? which again relates to the devil. The colour of the snake is also taken into consideration as it defines the
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?The old woman in Belmonte told her how to do it --- you take a chicken or a goat and drain out the blood, then cut out the heart to put in your soup later, to give you strength. You have to wash your hands in the blood and then pour it into the ground and say three times ?This is my blood, which comes out of me like a river to the sea.? Then in the same place where you poured the blood you make a fire for the offering? (Ricci 54). Giuseppina forces Cristina to make a confession but Cristina rejects her opinion and instead insults Father Nick. Thus, Giuseppina tells Cristina to do a ritual to get rid of the curse so that others don?t get it. This shows how far the people of Valle del Sole would go just to get rid of the
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