Superstition Mountain Stylistic Analysis

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In Missing on superstition mountain a mysterious novel by Elise Broach.There are three boys who just moved to Phoenix Simon, Henry and Jack they live near a haunted mountain named Superstition. One day their cat Josie runs away, so in search to find her they go up the mountain to see if she might be there, but instead of finding her they find 3 skulls instead! When their neighbor, Delilah a girl round Henry 's age see them coming down with dirty clothes, they are forced because otherwise, she was going to tell their parents. The baker boys want to go up a mysterious mountain again, but their parents are telling them not to go up at all, so instead of listening to their parents, they tell them they are going to the library but actually they go up the mountain with a friend named Delilah. This scene was originally written from the narrator 's point of view, but I have rewritten from Delilah 's point of view.

I was watching TV when I heard a big knock on my door, my mother had told me not to open the door for strangers. So, I ran to my large window in my room to see if someone I knew was there and to my surprise, I saw Henry on my
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For instance, after the baker boys and Deliha park their bike at the bottom of the mountain she notices how her bike was different than the boy 's bikes and stares that for a bit. At this point in the story, Delilah has always been okay with hanging out with boys but it seems that after she notices the bikes she starts to feel left out. Secondly, in the book by Elise Broach, Delilah is the only one who does think it is weird to go up the mountain. If Delilah is the only one who thinks it’s weird then she must have felt left out.Thus, Delilah’s experiences in the science are different and the experiences of the boys, because she feels left out more than the
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