Superstitions In Adeline Yen Mah's Chinese Cinderella

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Have you ever wondered what life would be like in China? For Adeline Yen Mei it 's not easy. She has a hard life even though coming from a wealthy Chinese family, she still has a depressing life of being unwanted daughter. The novel, Chinese Cinderella, by Yen Mah, talks about her entire life story and about the sad and happy parts of her life. Being an unwanted daughter she already has a pretty sad life however, she has a couple of people who are there for her when times get hard. In Chinese traditions there is a belief of superstitions. If a child’s mother dies while giving birth soon after the child is considered bad luck. Adeline 's mother died when Adaline was just 2 weeks old and her family blames the death of their mother on Adaline. “But then Mama died giving birth to you.…show more content…
Adeline 's family doesn’t include her in normal family activities, she is the forgotten child. During school, Adaline had been forgotten about and must walk home from school, however she runs into some trouble when getting lost in the busy streets of Shanghai. When she walks upon a butchering restaurant she calls her father but, her father didn’t notice she was missing. “I realized that no one was coming to pick me up. Too embarrassed to knock or draw attention to myself I walked tentatively out into Shanghai street” ( Yen Mah 27). Another example is “I realized nobody had missed me. They didn’t even notice I was gone” ( Yen Mah 30). Overall. Adaline is an unwanted daughter and is forgotten about in her family. Adaline has a depressing life. I summarized three main things to Adelines sad life of when YeYe dies, when everybody forgets about her, and how everybody calls her bad luck. Overall, Adaline does not have such a good life however, later on when she is an adult things finally start to get better for her. She gets to go to college, moves to California, and wrote a book. In the end, she turned out to have it good although she didn’t have a good childhood like her other

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