Superstitions In Personal Life

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The influence of superstitions on people 's personal life
As it is known, every place have their particular culture, traditions, customs, stereotypes, superstitions and taboos, they also differ from each other in various situations and conditions. Being one of these conditions and situations, is considered one of the extraordinary and magical type of cultures in countries of the world.The word superstition is Dictionaries commonly define superstition as a belief or practice which is based on irrationality, or as a fear of the unknown, and different fields including popular psychology, philosophy, and medicine have commonly described superstitions as irrational mistakes in cognition. However, further studies have suggested various additional
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They consider superstitious beliefs to be a gathering of cultural traditions developed in pre-scientific societies used to keep doubts and uncertainties about the future under control. Superstitious rituals or beliefs are generally invoked either tokeep away bad luck, or to bringabout good luck, and even if a lot of superstitions have cultural and social connotations and are passed on from one generation to another, others comprise more peculiar beliefs or rituals. Various research has been done to shed light upon the foundation and function of such beliefs identifying several factors that are linked to superstition and magical beliefs, such as motivation, personality traits, and cognition, as well as emotional instability, demographics, and social influences. Scientists also mention people 's unjustified emotions, thinking and ignorance, which can be very subjective as they depend on the individual. They explain different types of superstition which include:Belief in unspecific bad consequences; like for example- spilling salt or opening an umbrella indoors. The affective aspect involves different emotions related to superstitious matters such as fear, joy, anger, etc. The cognitive aspect would include knowledge, classification, anticipation of consequences, and also the planning of one 's actions. The behavioural, aspectwould comprise the various rituals and other symbolic acts, such as spells or curses, carried out by people for protection against misfortune or to realize that what is wished for. Additionally to this, each superstition has its particular object that is linked to a specific happening and its consequences, and a feeling that results from these consequences which is automatically associated to the particular object or act that are connected with that object. For example, a black cat (object) crosses your path on your way home and
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