Superstitions Of Witchcraft In Malawi

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Most people are acceptant of diversity. People have learned to accept each others differences to avoid conflict. However, this is definitely not the case In Malawi. An incredible amount of ignorance and superstitions have led people In Malawi to perform horrendous acts against Albinos. They have performed kidnappings, killings, and amputations for the purpose of witchcraft. Their ridiculous superstitions lead them to believe that these Albino body parts have supernatural powers. This is a massive problem, but it can and will be solved if the people of Malawi can receive education on how what they are doing is wrong. In Malawi, there is a massive population of witches. These modern-day witches have strange beliefs and superstitions that lead them to think in a twisted way. They have even gone so far as to chopping off, buying, and selling Albino body parts because they assume that they have supernatural powers. The main cause of this colossal problem is because of a lack of education in Africa. There have been millions of African slaves (mainly the transatlantic slave trade), controlled by other countries which has left Africa absolutely broke and in no position to be a successful country . Also, Cecil Rhodes greatly affected the continent when he caused “The Scramble for Africa”, or in other words, a mass colonization of Africa by European countries. After the Europeans left Africa, they left the African people financially crippled. Therefore, Africa had no way to provide
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