Supervisory Ethical Dilemmas

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Supervisors are ultimately responsible for the ethical and legal actions that result from trainees. Clinical Supervisors face several potential ethical issues that arise in the process of training and evaluating future mental health professionals. As a supervisor, I will aspire to promote student personal growth and development so they could serve as ethical independent professionals in the future. By targeting the role of a gatekeeper, I will try to avoid the ethical issues that arise in multiple relationships. Conflicting relationships with trainees provide core issues in the differential of power and status that exist in the therapeutic relationship. Through the identification and intervention of problematic behaviors that cause impairment to trainees, I will strive to meet the minimum…show more content…
As a result, from developing a framework that entails logical methods for training will consist of both academic and personal training in order to deliver effective evaluations. Preventing potential malpractice suits in the supervisor role will require me to also document my supervisory-trainee relationship through a contract. This contract will entail my background, methods and responsibilities in the training process along with the limits of confidentiality, and due process. Educators and program supervisors have the responsibility to warn students about the course of action that is open to them when they encounter supervisors who are impaired and give poor supervision. I believe that inadequate supervision compromises to the inability to provide proper practice to clients and by clarifying my role of a supervisor, I will be able to evaluate the trainees conceptual understanding of the therapeutic process ethically and with avoidance of malpractice
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