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Supervisory Platform As a supervisor, I will never forget where I came from. I will always be a student and a teacher. Keeping that in mind, my main focus will be to work with teachers within a democratic and collaborative environment that fosters relationships and growth. My approach to supervision will be one where principal and educators are part of the supervisory process. The teachers and I will uphold the ideal of “cause beyond oneself” and work together with the school community to achieve success through thoughtful and purposeful practice. A supervisor that is a student and teacher at heart will create meaningful relationships with staff and community, show genuine concern for the teacher’s stage of development and professional growth, and be a continuous learner by example. Building relationships will create a strong platform for change. Supervision reminds me of teaching in in many ways. Educators create classrooms that become democratic communities by valuing thoughts and individual needs. This A supervisor needs to get to know their people by asking questions with genuine curiosity. to This is not far from what effective supervision creates on a campus by the same means. A supervisor build trust be being reliable and present. A supervisor creates a dynamic school community not by…show more content…
Learning is a continuous cycle for both principal and teachers. It is not enough being knowledgeable about policies and regulations. An effective supervisor must also be knowledgeable of the content being taught and recognize when best practices are being used or lacking in teaching. Both teachers and supervisor should engage in ongoing professional development tied to student learning. Teachers are often made to sit through professional development that does not fit their developmental needs or abilities. I want to serve by my teachers and let them know I value their time by attending to those same learning communities with
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