Supervisory Role Of Staff Nurse

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A leader will not teach people under them how to do things, but lead by example. It is logical that one of the concepts need the other but one does not need other to perform. To supervise properly, there is need to be able lead and have them understand ways of doing things. This takes leadership qualities like charisma to achieve, so that they will know you are in charge. Therefore one can say supervision needs leadership, because without this qualities it might be difficult to supervise at times. In term of a leader you do not need to supervise. As a leader one can supervise people but does not need the skill to lead them. There is no need to stand with them and show how to do things, you lead by example and show them the way by the way you…show more content…
APPLICATION TO MY CURRENT JOB 1. ADMINISTRATION This concept has helped in the good supervisory role of staff nurse, in participating in changes of some recommended policy and structural and assist in the implementation of changes. It has helped in establishing goals and arranging them in logical order. Filling the job with the right people that are qualified for it; being a good role model for junior to follow, it has improved ensuring patients welfare, representing employees and staff management, planning, organising, directing, delegating, coordinating staff and supervising the delivery of healthcare. 2. PLANNING The concept of planning gives meaning to work and brings about realization to change in my nursing work. It provides basis for control and it is needed for effective control. Planning is cost effective and helps in coping with crisis. It makes goals and objectives achievable and it is based on past and future activities. Planning helps in prioritising work, and helps in clearly defining objectives. It promotes actions that are flexible and realistic in terms of personnel, equipment, facilities and time. 3.…show more content…
It has helped in developing new policies in nursing. It makes it possible for easy access of nursing services all over the world. Employing the right nurses at the right position was made possible by human resource management. There is a balance between nurses and physical resources. There is availability of well skilled and trained nurses in our hospital today through the availability of training through the HRM. Self appraisal was made possible for better performance through the HRM. Improvement in the productivity through rewards and benefits by HRM. Attitude to work has improved through the punishment mete for such offence by

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