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Benefits of Tele mental health program. Introduction. Mental Disorders is one of debilitation disorder of the brain that has multiple etiologies and that remains intractable even with the advancement of psychopharmacology and psychotherapies, because of not only the nature of the illness and the other factors but may be facing one of the biggest impact in care which is shortage of qualified clinicians to treat these patients. The share number of Americans that affected by mental disorders continues to rise with the most recent data from The National Association of the Mentally Ill (NAMI) as one in four adults−approximately 61.5 million Americans−experiences mental illness in a given year of which about 13.6 million−live with a serious mental…show more content…
The term telemental health describes the overall situation in which a clinician uses various technologies to deliver mental health care to a patient who is miles away. Some have posed the question about the effectiveness of telemental health treating mental health issues; “Telemental health is unquestionably effective in most regard for diagnosis and assessment across many populations child, adult and geriatric and is also effective in many settings”(Donald etal). What are the benefits of telemental heath in mitigating the needs of the mentally ill patient? Telemental health is cost effective, only requires cost of equipment, maintenance and upgrade of equipment. It alos requires salaries and wages which are indirect cost that will be accrued even without telemental health. It improves access to care as patient that live in rural counties and are handicapped by the lack of transportation will receive care from their own home or from a group center which is usually closer to their residence than traveling far away to see a practitioner; It enables continuity of care and brings care to the patient. It reduces travel time and the…show more content…
Conclusion: Proven Benefits: – Telemental health has established itself as an efficient and beneficial mode of mental health care delivery. – Its use and integration into ongoing operations continues to grow rapidly, both in the DoD and other governmental agencies, and in the private sector. – It is now considered an accepted form of health care delivery that can provide a range of benefits to patients and their families, providers, organizations, and society as a whole. Research studies indicate that telemental health is equivalent to face to face care in various settings and a useful alternative that is very effective in mitigating the increasingly high rate of wait times that is associated with scheduling to see a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner. Telemental health has a similar impact in care and the wellbeing of the patient by utilizing a health care delivery system that is shown to be simple, safe and effective which requires very minimum set up and will provide the same face to face evaluation that is critical to the effective and efficient treatment of the mentally

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