Supplemental Medical Benefit: Case Study

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Hi everyone! Hope all is well… Here is some important information: 1. 2014 Medicare Part B IRMAA & 2015 Medicare Part B Standard Reimbursements – Update #2 – By now, all those eligible Medicare retirees who have their pensions deposited electronically should have received their 2015 Medicare Part B standard reimbursement and, if eligible, their IRMAA reimbursements electronically (provided you applied for it in a timely fashion) on or about June 17. Also, those who do not have their checks deposited electronically, also should have received their reimbursement checks by mail. Please notify me if you did not receive either reimbursement…Question: In 2015 my Medicare Adjusted Gross Income (joint) was under $170, 000 and yet, I had to pay an IRMAA surcharge. Why? Answer: The Part B premium you paid in 2015 was based on your 2013 income, which had to be greater than $170,000. In general, your Part B premium for a given year, say the upcoming 2017, will be based on the income you received 2 years previously, or in this case, 2015. 2.…show more content…
Supplemental Medical Benefit – One of the least known CSA Welfare Fund retiree benefit is the Supplemental Medical. Did you know, for example, this benefit partially covers a $300 hospital deductible up to a max of $750 per person in any calendar year? Also, the CSA Retiree Chapter augments many of the Supplemental Medical benefits, such as, the hospital $300 deductible. The purpose of the supplemental benefit is to provide coverage for items not covered, or completely covered by your health plan. After an annual $100 deductible per person, the Fund will cover 80% of the cost for covered items provided the expense is reasonable and customary. There is a maximum payment of $5,000 per person in any calendar year. The following items are covered under this benefit:  Emergency ambulance/nonemergency ambulance or ambulette if medically necessary ($2,500

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