Supply Chain Management Case Study: CPL Wildman's Exception

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CPL Wildman is an exceptional individual who performs her duties with due discretion whilst always producing outstanding results. During her tenure, CPL Wildman Kennedy has demonstrated an exceptional level of trade knowledge, consistently exceeding that expected of an individual of her rank and experience.

IAW the 2015 posting cycle, CPL Wildman was originally posting to the 81WG CRIS warehouse; however, due to a large staff turn over of SNCO SUP Positions within the WG, CPL Wildman was internally relocated to the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Section. As a result of her extensive job knowledge; specifically, governance, SCA management and stocktaking practices, CPL Wildman was the logical candidate to assume this role. In addition, as CPL Wildman is mature, well respected and knowledgeable NCO, this opportunity was seen
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The 2015 posting cycle saw the arrival of new personnel within 81WG. Without direction, CPL Wildman was inspirational in demonstrating solid leadership and providing advice to both her new superiors and subordinates ensuring their transition phase was minimised posing minimal impact to the unit or section objectives further illustrating that her application of job knowledge and communication skills are highly developed and are able to be implemented at all levels.

CPL Wildman’s continued display of attention to detail, dedication combined with an in-depth comprehensive trade knowledge has enabled 81WG SCM section to successfully contribute to the overall capability requirements of 81WG. CPL Wildman is an exceedingly influential person who continues to perform and conduct herself as a role model NCO and displays exemplary leadership qualities on a daily basis. CPL Wildman has demonstrated that she is an outstanding achiever and clearly capable of accepting the duties and responsibilities associated with the rank of

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