Strategic Operations And Supply Chain Management

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Strategic Operations and Supply Chain Management play an important role in the success of a business. My vision is to obtain a position in the Business Administration management area, and I realized that this class will provide me with the right input and will help me to improve my knowledge in order to take the most effective and efficient decisions in a business. This report was written to understand the opportunities and challenges of Strategic Operations and Supply Chain Management in order to pursue MBA 530 along with my vision. I find out that the material in this class will help me for better job opportunities, and will prepare me to manage my own business one day. Some challenges that I might encounter and I need to prepare for are:…show more content…
In addition, to have a deep understanding of the process that supply chain management takes from a business to a retail and a consumer. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, and my goal is to obtain a Master degree in Business in order to obtain better job opportunities and to own a business in the future. Some important emerging trends that I might encounter for strategic operations are; the change in the economy, strategic thinking, new models of leadership and redesigning the organization. Emerging trends in supply chain management are: digital era, innovation and change, and artificial intelligence. Motivation I enjoy the management area of a business, and I understand to obtain position in management requires a knowledge from all areas in order to take the right and most efficient decisions in a business. Strategic Operation and Supply Chain Management is a huge part in the success of a company, and this is one of the reasons that I am very motivated towards the completion of this class, and the learning activities will help me to improve my skills towards maximizing the effectiveness of production and to reduce…show more content…
In addition, this class will help in the future to manage my own business, to find strategies, to expand the marketplace, and to identify strengths and weakness and find better solutions and to solve issues. Strategic management will give the opportunity of competitive advantage through learning strategies to optimize internal resources and maximize external opportunities for the business. Supply Chain Management is a job career opportunity that is growing in the market. Many business provide job opportunities for applicants who know skills to keep goods and services flowing in the marketplace; quickly, efficiently and at low
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